Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I track my order?
You can get the tracking number for your order by logging into “My Account” and then click your order number for tracking details. It typically takes 1-3 days after you place your order for this system to show your tracking number.

I need to change or cancel my order, what do I do?
Send an email to and we will take care of you.

How long does it take you to respond to email?
Usually,we are able to respond to emails within 48 hours. However, we do not reply to emails over the weekends so if you send your email between Friday night and Sunday morning, we will response the following business day.


What makes Innovez products eco-friendly?
The enhanced properties of our iPhone cases are attributed to a chemical compound called Eco-Pure. EcoPure is FDA approved, which is a 100% organic material that is blended into the plastic during the manufacturing process. It enables our products to biodegradable, only when placed in an active microbial environment, such as a landfill, resulting in biomass (rich soil),biogas (anaerobic), and CO2 (aerobic).

What is EcoPure?
EcoPure® is an additive that enhances the biodegradability of otherwise non-biodegradable plastic products through a series of chemical and biological processes when disposed of in microbe-rich environments, such as a biologically active landfill. EcoPure® causes the plastic to be an attractive food source to certain soil microbes, encouraging the plastic to be quickly consumed.

How does EcoPure Work?
EcoPure® requires the action of certain enzymes for the biodegradation process to begin, so plastics containing EcoPure® will never begin to biodegrade during normal use. When an organic material biodegrades in an anaerobic environment, the byproducts are: humus, methane and carbon dioxide. When EcoPure treated plastics biodegrade, the byproducts are the same as any organic material.

How do I clean my Innovez product?
If the product has a soft touch coating, don't attempt to clean with anything other than a damp soft cloth as chemicals will likely cause the soft-touch coating to peel.  For our plastic cases with a gloss finish, we recommend a contact cleaner. We find that most stains can be removed using this process. Please keep in mind that we do not warrant our product for finish damages caused by any type of cleaning or attempts at cleaning.


How long does it take for my order to ship?
Depending on when you placed the order, it might take up to 1-3 days before your order gets shipped. Please note that our warehouse is closed on the weekends and on U.S. Holidays.
International:In most cases it takes from 5-15 business days. As we ship via USPS, the product gets handed to your local post office on arrival in your country and as such, delivery times will vary by country depending on the efficiency and expediency of your postal service.

How much does it cost to ship to a non-U.S. address?
International shipping cost between $15-$40 dollars depending on the item(s). Shipping is done via USPS and takes between 5-15 days to arrive at most locations. You can get the exact rate during the checkout process, before you submit your order. Please note, import fees and duties are not included in the shipping charges.

I’m in the military, can Innovez ship to an APO address?
Yes, we do ship to military addresses via USPS. Depending on the location, please allow 7-15 business days for delivery.

Exchange & Returns

What is your Exchange/Return Policy?
If for any reason you are not satisfied with any of our products, merchandise may be returned for exchange or refund within 30 days from the date of receipt.

I have already opened my product. Can I still return it?
Yes, provided that the product meets the guidelines noted in our Exchange/Return Policy. Also please note that there is a 20% restocking fee on any opened Innovez product(s). For details, please review our Exchange/Return Policy.

I received my item more than 30 days ago. Can I still return or exchange it?
Please be advised, as per our Exchange/Return Policy, we are unable to process exchanges or returns for item(s) purchased more than 30 days ago.

Do I need to ship the original item back in order to obtain a refund or exchange?
Yes. In order to obtain a refund or exchange, the original item must be shipped back to a warehouse location. Please do not ship products back without first contacting us at This will ensure that your return/exchange will be processed efficiently.


Do your products have a warranty?
All of our products carry a one (1) year warranty against manufacturing defects. If you feel your product has a manufacturing defect, please contact us at and we will look into getting you a replacement.