Thank you for your feedback. We're listening to you!

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We appreciate your time and valuable feedback in helping us make Innovez Products better! As a valued customer, your feedback is extremely important to us. It helps the team understand which features and functionality are most important to you.

We’ve listened and made improvements to our eco-friendly iPhone 5/5s cases base on your feedback. Our 2nd generation eco-friendly iPhone 5/5s cases are more durable, and now scratch resistant. The new scratch resistant outer shell will resist scuff and scratches from normal use which will keep your case beautiful and pristine, extending the life of your iPhone 5/5s case. We call it, EcoArmor

As always, we thank you for your participation in the process. Stay tuned, we’re working on something special for you! So follow us on Facebook & Twitter for the latest product news and announcements.

A Special “Thank You” To Our Living Social Customers!

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We here at Innovez want to thank you for your support!

We appreciate you all, our customers, for your loyalty, your business and your kindness. We pride ourselves in creating the best possible eco-friendly products for our customers at a competitive price, while offering fantastic customer service.

This is just the beginning and we’ve been inspired every moment along the way. Over the next few months, we’ll be introducing some new and exciting eco-friendly products and as always, we’ll share details on updates as we release them. Follow us  @Innovez to stay up to date.

Thanks again for your support, please come back soon. It's going to be a great summer!

Team Innovez

Riding the "GREEN" wave

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As waves of “green” technology continue to sweep through the country, companies across all disciplines have jumped on board.  With global concerns about waste management, shifting climate patterns, and depleted natural resources, it’s no secret that we (society) have started to change our attitudes towards the environment.  As more and more people consciously decide to live “green” and “eco-friendly” lifestyles, companies too have taken noticed and quickly changed their tune.  Or have they?

Based on revised marketing campaigns, new mission statements and persuasively loaded slogans, one would easily conclude these companies have.  Unfortunately the reality behind the numbers show that it’s often difficult for companies, especially startups, to fully adopt “green” principles within their business practice strategies which are often foreign and expensive.  While it’s one thing to promote sustainability and encourage employees to adopt a green conscious, it’s far more difficult to revamp your business model and infuse green strategies and principals all across the board.  Granted, in the long run, these steps will become necessary and hopefully commonplace within business practice, but it’s foolish to believe that every company out there with a “green stamp” is doing it.  To false advertise your company’s commitment is wrong, but unfortunately a lot of business, both large and small, do it to capitalize on distracted consumers.  The real question becomes how to tell the difference between the genuine from the fake?

Although there are a growing number of independent organizations and government agencies which now offer various forms of “green certification”, consumers are still on the hook to do their own research.  From tracking down a company’s carbon footprint, to investigating the energy efficiency of the business’s day-to-day operations, in the age of information the responsibility falls just as much with the consumer as it does with the company.  Everyone needs to do their part as the “green movement” ubiquitously threads our workplace and homes, creating more convenient opportunities for abuse and chicanery.


Innovez collaborates with IzzitGreen for online sweepstakes

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Exciting news, Innovez has just collaborated with IzzitGreen for their online sweepstakes GIVEAWAY!  Be sure to ‘Like’ IzzitGreen’s facebook fan page in order to have a chance to WIN a FREE Innovez LIFE SERIES Eco-friendly iPhone5 case!  Don’t forget to also check out the gracious review and press release they've provided on their website.

The team at Innovez is VERY excited to partner with such a great company like IzzitGreen for this sweepstakes giveaway promotion and we’re looking forward to more collaboration opportunities in the future.

Innovez Strolls The "GREEN" Carpet!

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Last weekend Innovez was honored to collaborate with the Rainforest Action Network (RAN) and help sponsor ECO ROCK 2013 in New York City.  Hundreds of eco activist and RAN supporters attended the annual benefit hosted by Chris Noth and Whoopi Goldberg.  With GREEN gift bags in hand, guests graciously enjoyed signature cocktail bars and savory menu tastings by world-renowned chef Herve Riou as they rocked out with a live performance by Grammy winner Shawn Colvin.  The benefit was capped with a live auction at the end of the night, with all proceeds going towards RAN and endangered forest preservation programs.

Founded in 1985, Rainforest Action Network campaigns for the forests, their inhabitants and the natural systems that sustain life by transforming the global marketplace through education, grassroots organizing and non-violent direct action.  The organization is well known for their hard-hitting corporate campaigns to defend the world’s most important and endangered forests, promote human rights, and fight climate change.

In support of this great organization and event, Innovez was happy to donate our new LIFE SERIES Eco-friendly Interchangeable iPhone 5 cases which were included in the guest gift bags and which also tied perfectly into RAN’s logo, theme, and marketing campaign.

Those folks at have great taste in Cases!

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Oh yes! As we prepare to bring some eco friendly swag, we want to thank the folks at for adding our iPhone 5 Life Series Collection to their Green Gift Guide: The Green Geek 


New Interchangeable Biodegradable iPhone 5 Cases, by Innovéz, Looks to Protect, Sustain and Inspire

Posted on November 25, 2012 by Studio Innovez | 2 Comments

Available just in time for the holidays, Innovez, creators of premium biodegradable and eco friendly products, have just released their newest product, an Interchangeable Biodegradable iPhone 5 Case that delivers a modern and sleek look that blends the perfect balance between style, protection and durability.
“The inspiration behind the Life Series Collection was to present consumers with a clean, contemporary design and an affordable eco-friendly alternative, that would allow for multiple two-toned color combos within one product, providing superior value.” 
The design of the new Life Series Collection combines both an interchangeable "soft touch" hard outer shell and a colorful shock absorbing inner shell for enhanced protection and aesthetic quality. Consumers are able to create up to 15 different color combinations, allowing them to accessorize for any occasion. Additional features include: a slim design, complete edge and corner protection, extruded button covers, raised rubberized bezel to protect screen and provide no-slip stability, an interlocking system that allows the outer shell and interior shell to securely connect and direct access to all iPhone 5 features, all within eco-friendly packaging. 
The Life Series Collection is made with EcoPure, an advanced biodegradable material. With this new technology, these products will have an indefinite shelf life, yet quickly biodegrading, only when placed in an active microbial environment, such as a landfill. Consumers in a go-green state of mind will find that Innovez’s new Life Series Collection for the iPhone 5 offers a sensible way to protect their device with style, purpose and sophistication.
Stay connected with Innovez on Twitter and Facebook for the latest product news and announcements.


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